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Our America copyright 2017 by Robert Mosci
Zographia Publishing / ASCAP

This is America 2X
Grandpa came over, he was a child
Escaped from his land, and left his family behind
They never made it, to the other side
It colored his outlook for life
But sadly he took on a wife
And bravely tried
This is America
This is the light
Don’t let ‘em take it away……
Rose wakes up early, she’s hoping to save
Cleaning somebody’s house, she’s descended from slaves
She married Carlos, they had them a son
They’re workin’ real hard to achieve
The American dream they believe
It can be done
This is America
The good golden rule
Give us your tired your poor
We used to open the door
To those in need
That was our creed…..
Millions of stories, so many lives
The careful balance that’s there insures our nation survives
It’s never been perfect, a tough compromise
But the clear disregard for the truth
Distorts all that we’ve taught to our youth
With fear and lies…..
This is America
The free press stands tall…..
Knowledge keeps truth in its sight
Compassion wins out over spite
A rainbow out does black and white
We gotta stand up for what’s right
The flame that is there will ignite
Let human spirit take flight
Let’s all live in peace in the light….