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Frankly Speaking
by Robert Mosci

liner notes from Frankly Speaking:

   I remember hearing Frank Sinatra's voice drifting up from the basement when I was about 4 years old. I followed the sound down the stairs and was surprised to see my dad dancing freely, solo, to the rhythm of the music. A respected New York classical musician, I hadn't seen my father enjoying music in quite that way before. As I became more aware, I realized that Dad more than occasionally strayed from his usual symphonic listenings by playing various recordings of artists like Nat Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank. He was particularly enthusiastic when it came to Sinatra, and had a vast collection from the great Capitol / Nelson Riddle years. I became familiar with Songs For Swinging Lovers, Only The Lonely, and others, including the first Basie collaboration on Reprise. Some part of me bonded much more easily with Sinatra's music than with the classical sounds emanating from below. Frank became embedded in my musical psyche more than I knew.
   Eventually, as with most kids, my tastes drifted towards Rock & Roll, and although I also played classical music, my affections were for the contemporary rock and pop sounds of my youth. It wasn't until somewhat later, when I discovered jazz and standards, that my early fondness for Sinatra's music was reawakened. Embracing it, I gained a newfound appreciation for his immense talent, and came to realize how large Frank stood within the framework of the American musical palette.
   The thing about Sinatra's music, like all great art, is that it doesn't need to be analyzed in order to work its magic. You hear it and it instantly strikes at your core. When Frank swings, he's in the pocket like no one else. With that inimitable voice and rhythmic sense, he can move you to get up and dance, feel soaring joy, and then wring your emotions dry with a hauntingly melancholy ballad. It was an intangible thing that Frank Sinatra wove, backed by his often brilliant collaborators. To my mind, however, there is no doubt that it was Sinatra's own unique abilities that made his vast body of work the popular juggernaut that it still is.
   These days, when I am performing all manner of popular songs at my steady gig up at the Top of the Tower in NYC, people are constantly asking me to play their musical favorites. And the most popular request (by a wide margin) is always simply stated: 'Sinatra'!

Robert Mosci


Frankly Speaking is Robert Mosci's 3rd and latest release on Zographia Records, an 11 song homage to the music of Frank Sinatra. It features Mosci's reknowned vocals in a familiar musical setting, as he reinterprets a variety of tunes originally recorded by Sinatra. Robert accompanies himself on piano, backed by his very able jazz quintet consisting of Bob DeVos on guitar, Jeff Lopez on acoustic bass, Ray Bruce on drums and Erik Lawrence on saxes.


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Song List

1. How About You 
            (B. Lane, R. Freed)

2. Fly Me To The Moon
            (Bart Howard)

3. Once I Loved
            (R. Gilbert, A. C. Jobim, J. DeMoraes)

4. Luck Be A Lady
            (F. Loesser)

5. You And Me (We Wanted It All)
            (C. Bayer Sager, P. Allen)

6. Summer Wind
            (J. Mercer, H. Mayer, H. Bradtke)

7. The Coffee Song
            (B. Hilliard, D. Miles)

8. Indian Summer
            (A. Dubin-V. Herbert)

9. A Man Alone
            (R. McKuen)

10. (Love Is) The Tender Trap
            (S. Cahn, J. Van Heusen)

11. Nancy
            (J. Van Heusen / P. Silvers)