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You Came Along

words & music ©1999 by Robert Mosci / Zographia Publishing ASCAP. All rights reserved. Used by permission.


Was feelin’ so tired in my easy chair

And so uninspired playing solitaire

In gloom I was mired when

You came along.


And first run new videos were boring me

Street stalking kideos ignoring me

Was trapped in this city oh when

You came along.


And when you walked into my world

A dark cloud rose and then was hurled

Across the bright blue sky

The cloud was spurned

A star returned.....


Before I had met you I was quite resigned

To mundane existence of the dreary kind

Was oh so confined until the time

You came along.



And now my life seems so sublime

I take the stairs two at a time

Enthusiasm reigns

I’m right on cue since I met you.....


If someone had asked me I’d have told ‘em nope

‘Cause one sad intractable downhearted mope

Seemed way beyond hope, who threw a rope and proved me wrong?

You came along.....