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 HD World 
by Robert Mosci


   HD World is my first all original release. None of these songs have been recorded before - four of them are my own, and one [Bloop (there is no sign)] was written by a fine young writer and musician named Nora Asher, who is particularly close to my heart.

   The styles represented here range from rock/r&b influenced (Don't Turn Your Head Away) to rock with a country spin (HD World) to a more modern rock/pop sound (Bloop). Overdue has a jazzier, improvised feel, while I'll Get By is more of a folk/rock ballad.
   The compositions cover topics that don't necessarily break new ground - subject matter often found in the pop music realm - from unbridled idealism, to love lost (and found), and relationship complications, with a little humor thrown in for good measure.
   The musicians comprising my backup band are many of the same who have enhanced my past recordings. These include Ray Bruce (drums), Wayne Batchelor (bass), and Erik Lawrence (saxes). The rhythm section is rounded out by Karlus Trapp on guitars, a legend on and of my native Staten Island. Also of considerable note are Susan Volchok, who plays various percussion instruments, as well as Vincent "Chickie" French, another supremely capable percussionist (Overdue). Chickie's playing graced my very first CD (First Portrait). And making a mighty contribution on b.g. vocals, as well as being the writer of Bloop (there is no sign) is Nora Asher. Nora also happens to be my daughter.
   HD World, like most modern recordings, was a bit of a struggle in the making, but a labor of love all the way through. As always, it wouldn't have been possible to have gotten the desired end result without the heartfelt contributions of all the musicians (friends one and all). Great thanks to them, as well as to my family.
   I sincerely hope that you like the intention, the vibes, and especially the music of HD World.

Robert Mosci


New York City based singer/pianist Robert Mosci's 6th release on Zographia Records is called HD World. It is a 5 song EP that includes 4 new Mosci originals and a new song by Nora Asher.
Mosci's evocative, upbeat vocals shine as he plays piano and leads an all-star group of NYC musicians, performing a mix of contemporary sounds.

The Mosci originals are complemented by the strong and capable backup musicians and singers. The performances are highlighted, as usual, by tasty solos performed by Erik Lawrence on saxophones, and Karlus Trapp on guitar.


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1. HD World
            (R. Mosci)

2. I'll Get By
            (R. Mosci)

3. Bloop (there is no sign)
            (N. Asher)

4. Don't Turn Your Head Away
            (R. Mosci)

5. Overdue
            (R. Mosci)