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HD World copyright 2010 by Robert Mosci

Zographia Publishing / ASCAP


I wanna live in an HD World

I wanna walk under skies of pearl

I wanna be someplace where everything is crystal clear


I want a message where the truth is told

Not some confection to be bought and sold

I wanna be treated with respect, but not with fear.


And I don’t think it’s too demanding

That I deserve some understanding

Not some self righteous reprimanding

Cause my horizons are expanding


And it don’t take no deep reflection

To know I’m striving for perfection

And so I point in that direction

‘Cause it feels, so real….


I wanna live in an HD world

I wanna wander with my fists unfurled

I wanna do right, and I want it done to me, right here.


And though it might be an illusion

It seems I’ve come to one conclusion

Ain’t gonna settle for confusion

I want the highest resolution


‘Cause when they try to sell you sub-prime

Goes from ridiculous to sublime

Just let me breathe fresh air in sunshine

I can be, so free…..


I wanna live in an HD World

I want my love from an honest girl

I want my focus and I don’t want it to disappear

I want it crystal clear

Want it with no fear

Wanna stay right here

Make it crystal clear____________