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Holidays Are Here Again


words & music copyright 2004 by Robert Mosci / Zographia Publishing ASCAP. All rights reserved.


Snow lit scenes, children’s dreams

Holidays are here again

Melt away, troubled day

Time for joy and cheer again.


Little boys and little girls

What can match their thrill

Act their best for mom and dad

Hoping they’ll fulfill.


Every wish on their list

In their toyland fantasy

They can’t wait, seems so great

It will be so grand to see.


Family members gather round

Come from near and far

Cousins you’ve not seen for months

Grandma and grandpa.


Break some bread, worries shed

Talk of what they’re dreaming of

Latest fad, stories sad

Just a chance to share their love.


Friends drop by, children sigh

Time to open up the gifts

It’s a sight, pure delight

All their happiness uplifts


Christmas lights the nighttime sky

Chanukah’s eight days

Kwanzaa dries a tearful eye

Behold the children’s gaze....


Then it’s done, all the fun

Soon their fondest memory

They’ll recall, being small

And pass along the reverie

Nicest time they’ll ever see

Joy and fun for you and me

Joy and fun for you and me

And me.