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Welcome to Robert Mosci's homepage.

Find out about all things Mosci here, including his 6 CD releases, available at all online retailers.

      Check out a video of the Mosci trio live at The Carlyle Cafe: La Mer

Here is the official music video for Robert's new recording: Our America

(recording available at all major online music sites)

A fine writeup in the NY Times

Another mention in the NY Times

Please check out the "Calendar" page for upcoming Mosci performances.

Robert's March 2020 schedule had begun at Bemelmans Bar in The Carlyle Hotel. Obviously, with the social distancing measures now in practice, all bars and restaurants have been closed in much of the country. We hope to see you again after things calm down. Please stay wishes to you, your friends, and your families!

Robert Mosci wears Isaia suits when performing at the Carlyle.


Jazz At The Carlyle

painting by Sarah Yuster